Still life food styling photography red tea drink phoodographs


Still life food styling photography red tea drink

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I used strawberries


Crush the cookies. I didn't have Orio Cookies so I used Graham crackers instead.

Cut Oil

Blend with XVOO

And a tiny bit of balsamic vinegar for flavor

If you've never been there, trust me when I say it's a mini museum food show. You've gotta look carefully at all the new and unique products he offers, ...

I used more ginger

Happy Martina

I found raspberry flavored vinegar and thought it would work well with this recipe.

A delicious and healthy Veggie Omelet recipe with tips on how to make the PERFECT Omelet

Sharyn & Martina

Ash e Reshteh

I used more ginger

Saffron tea.

Tea anyone?

Easy and Healthy Holiday Appetizer: Merry Cranberry Salsa!

Onion and Garlic.

Our Table

Our kimchi is full of probiotics and prebiotics which fuel the probiotics making it a perfect symbiotic food”!

Rainbow Khandvi Rolls

Lightly seer in avocado or coconut oil. Add some salt to draw the moister.

Summer is starting early with Smartfruits 11 Non-GMO Fruit and Vegetable mixes and concentrates boosted with highly functional super-foods that deliver all ...

Would you love to lose weight fast? Weight loss can be fun & easy! Try the SmartTasty approach to learn how to lose weight at home and red.


Cut Oil

The Artful Wynwood Diner

So yummy!

Homemade Italian Meatballs

Fun and easy!

So I say...Yum City to Sacla and Chiara!

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He has been working in the kitchen since the 80's and is well known for his energetic and innovative style. Oumph! is his latest and most impactful project ...

Took your tip on not to overmix batter. Used a little extra almond flour , about 125g. Not too sweet and fantastic with a cup of tea.

One of our favorite stops for dinner and entertainment sits on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and A1A in Hollywood, Florida

I was so thrilled when she suggested that she wanted to cook for Phoodographs. So last Thursday I went over for a “Phoodoshoot”!

All you nice people…we are in each others future. More research and information to come…please stay tuned!

Paleo Blueberry Muffin (gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free)

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... however the spice for some may be a bit…shall we say…robust. As I say, everything is relative and subjective, however it's still makes it into my best.

Pomegranates, Watermelons, Nuts and Dried Fruits are some of the common foods on Yalda. Yalda is one of my favorite Persian celebrations.

Mexican-Style Lasagna

My Maki Sushi lunch. I thought the portion was a but small for the price.

One more time...The Nancy Radke Show @ Parmigiano Reggiano!

Delish!! Made exactly as written but doubled and added some extra blueberries.

Stitching With 2 Strings

Excellent and my favorites! Folks…I have to say that there are certain products I find that sometimes even I am not able to buy because of the minimum ...

My friend ordered the Chicken Teriyaki. I like the plate presentation. very fancy!

مسقطی خامه و پسته- cream and pistachios muscat

Slow roasted or Char-grilled Veggies from France…WOW! Story is coming…

Sandy's Default Beef Burrito

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... tablespoons held way more oil than what was called for in weight. I would suggest measuring the oil by weight and not by tablespoons to prevent the ...

Mojitos are delicious and very refreshing. Perfect for hot summer days. I also make them without the rum and just drink them instead of water. Yummy!

Mix these in no particular order and I guarantee this will be the best cocktail sauce you have ever tasted.

Healthy Recipes - How to Make Oven Roasted Potatoes - YouTube Garlic Red Potatoes, Oven

I will be making them again soon!

This soup is really yummy.

An appy


So…to the folks at Hudson…can't wait to get up there and get a taste of what everyone is talking about. Just look at these pics!

Yellow Ketchup. The taste: Sooooo smoooooth and so very tasteful! Loved the products here...including the Cosi Com'e yellow datterino tomatoes in a jar.

Abgoosht One of my dad's and my own favorite foods. This pictures is by Farmeh, via Flickr

Tried and these are amazing !

I know that the flour can ruin the recipe so I don't want to buy a 3lb bag of it if it's not going to get the job done. Thank you in advance!!!

Zereshk Polo ba Morgh: Persian Chicken and Barberries Rice. One of my all time favorite foods except I personally like it without the wild red barberries.

Our Table

From Kheedim's Kimchi we go to Beth's Farm Kitchen for some of the best tasting jams I have ever tasted. I'm so lucky. Everyone I meet is smiling.

... the oven till they look a nice golden brown and then completely cool before you try to eat them…hard to resist but worth the wait!!!

Khoresht-e-Bademjaan (Saffron-Scented Eggplant Stew in the Persian Manner)

Braun's, since 1928, is renowned for purveying and selling the absolute finest seafoods produced from the surrounding waters of Long Island and with a full ...

Mix in the dry ingredients.

Der beste vegetarische Auflauf aller Zeiten!

thank you!!

Summer is starting early with Smartfruits 11 Non-GMO Fruit and Vegetable mixes and concentrates boosted with highly functional super-foods that deliver all ...

Olive & Peppers Salad in EVOO /Muffalata anyone?

Process are the ingredients for the filling.

#style #fashion #women #girl #cahe #pink Pink Champagne Cake,

These were delicious!!

Short & Sweet

Saffron tea.

Apple Stew • Khoresh'e Sib • خورش سیب | Fae's Twist & Tango Ratatouille

Check out these other recipes!

Slow roasted or Char-grilled Veggies from France…WOW! Story is coming…

Hot and Sweet Chilly Prawns

Phoodographs and Finds

Next time I will decrease the amount of oil because they did come out with very oily paper liners. Otherwise taste is great, not too sweet at all and great ...

I recommend you try it. It's easy to make and it's delicious. It's a nice appetizer or lunch.

Iranian / Persian Salad Shirazi | "Light, fresh and delicious! I'm

A smiling Patrizia

Paleo Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffin


Khoresh-e Loobia Sabz - Persian Green Bean Stew with Chicken

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A Wonderful Basil EVOO Spray, Signature EVOO & Olive Salad...YUM City!

Tasted great! I used the same base and made apple cinnamon and chocolate too! Also tried with strawberries but that turned out too mushy (tasted good tho!)

BBQ Sauce.

I need this Water Coolers, Cocktails, Wine Dispenser, Moet Chandon, Bon Vin